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Invest in mendoza

La página invest in mendoza nos realizó una entrevista por la apertura de la sucursal Fulano en Bs As, charlamos del premio +guón! y de nuestro pulso emprendedor.


A continuación transcribimos la charla para ustedes. Gracias sr Arce!
Si desea leerla en castellano haga click aquí.

Fulano and Mengano to Buenos Aires

Various studios continue to grow and network, and such is the case of these behind Fulanoymengano.com that in their 8 years of like have planted a firm foot in Mendoza and another in Buenos Aires with the objective to improve the design and communication logistics for the national and international firms that are opening markets in the Andes Mountain Range.

New Perspectives. What do you expect to come from this change?

Alejandro Bevaqua: 2008 will bring a more powerful studio with two headquarters, we have decided to expand the scope of our management in order to facilitate the interrelation between many of the companies that manage from Buenos Aires but who do business in the Cuyo region.

Sebastián Marques: Thanks to this, our studio has expanded in terms of the equipment, staff, the headquarters, and we’ve even optimized the method of working from the distance in order to obtain of the best of both locations.

You were recently awarded. What does the Guón mean to you?

Sebastián Marques: it is a very important recognition for on at this stage, even if every time an important client calls us or someone with no knowledge of wine trusts us, we feel rewarded in a certain sense, this is the most tangible award we have received.
Alejandro Bevaqua: The consequences for having received this recognition were notable as much in the media as among clients and friends. We are happy to have been recognized with the Guón award!

What is your primary enterprising pulse?

Sebastián Marques: To start, relationships so strong with out clients, that we are able to work together and modify the idea of the business substantially, improving the product image and adapting it to the market.
Alejandro Bevaqua: To move forward in creating things, to make decisions or invest in changes that put growth at risk but that we like to confront.

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